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Nov 22, 2011

AMD's backyard

Blackberry is not the only company having a bad year, AMD is also having hiccups.

A tile just fell on AMD. It just canceled the production of the 28nm Bobcat processor. This news by itself is extremely bad for the company but this is not the only tile. In fact maybe the entire roof is caving in.

Around October AMD released is new Bulldozer chip. It was supposed to be their flag ship unlike the Bobcat which targets the mobile platform. A basic design decision in the Bulldozer chip makes it less effective.

During that time, on the server front, AMD is trying to push the use of its Fusion-Cloud (sadly based on the Bulldozer core). That effort is taking off like a concrete rocket while ARM based servers are in orbit. Yes, ARM, not in portable devices but in servers. They teamed up with Calxeda and mighty HP to start a new server technology.

While ARM is on the subject. AMD is not going anywhere on the mobile front either. Guess what's in your iPhone, Nexus, Galaxy or Blackberry? ARM of course.

C'mon AMD, get up and fight.

Trans-App / a bleep on the radar

A Facebook phone build on a mix of Android software & hardware optimize for Facebook-type features. Could this be the first real Trans-Application device? Like I mention in this original Trans-App post, the idea that devices would have to adapt to applications needs could become a reality.

To clarify the concept of Trans-Application I should say that Trans-App devices must be designed around constraints dictated by two or more applications. If this new Android-Facebook phone supports more than Facebook, it's well on its way to be a Trans-App device.

Why is this important? Because nobody will want to carry a Facebook phone and a LinkedIn phone and a Google Wallet phone. We want things to be integrated into one device. And while we're at it we want that device to fit in our pocket and have an 8 inch screen and.. um.. you know what I mean 'cause you want it too.

Purchase may soon be driven by the preference of devices optimizing the user experience of the favorite applications. Not by the OS. Not by the Browser. Not by the hardware brand.

Nov 9, 2011


In the last 10 years, with the rise of Apple devices and the mobile movement, applications must be cross-platform to survive. But lately, with Android or the Chrome browser, we see a new trend emerging where devices are created to be compatible with specific OS or applications. I call this Trans-Application.

I figured, we're already using the cross-platform, cross-device and cross-console when we refer to software compatibility, now we need a prefix for device compatibility.

Applications are gaining more and more power. Getting to FaceBook is more important than the way you get to it. Would you be surprised if there was a FaceBook tablet? It's not that crazy since 10 years ago people would have laughed at you if you had mention the possibility of a Chrome Book laptop.

Devices will soon have to conform to more than OS demands but probably to applications demands.

Trans-Application... or maybe Trans-App.